Applicant hereby agrees to bind by the rules and instructions below.

  • Application form fee and entrance examination fee can be deposited following banks
    • NIC ASIA Bank Limited A/C No. Q241-0525-482-52401
    • Kamana Sewa Bikash Bank Ltd. A/C No. 017-003-000-2666-700-00-05
    • Account Name : Faculty of Science and Technology, Pokhara University
  • Applicants must record/keep the REFERENCE NUMBER which is available immediately after the submission of the form.
  • Entrance Card will be available after 1 days of the form submission using the REFERENCE NUMBER
  • Applicants must bring Entrance Card and Bank Voucher of NRs. 1600 to appear in the examination.
  • Applicant will NOT be allowed to enter into the examination hall without valid admission card. If lost, provisional card will be issued on application along with payment of NRs.300 (Three hundred rupees) one hour before exam.
  • Applicant MUST upload the scan copy of BANK VOUCHER and recent PP SIZE PHOTO when submitting the form.
  • Candidate must arrive at the examination hall 15 MINUTES before the commencement of examination.
  • Candidate will NOT be allowed to enter the examination hall 15 MINUTES after the commencement of examination. Candidate MUST follow the assigned seat plan in the examination hall.
  • Any form of misconduct or incriminating activities during or after examination shall result in the CANCELLATION of his/her entrance examination without any warning.
  • Candidate is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to bring any kind of mobile phone, camera, programmable calculator or other electronic devices in the examination hall.
  • Eligibility for Application and Entrance for various programs will be as per Admission Announcement Notice
  • Applicant should pay the nonrefundable amount as mentioned in Admission Announcement Notice should keep the voucher
  • Applicant should submit the documents as mentioned in the NOTICE before the entrance exam.

Form Application is closed.
No new submissions will be accepted.

If you have already submitted, you can get your admit card online after verification from the examination committee.
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